Which Type Of Food Is Rich In Minerals?

Have you ever read about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Maslow created a pyramid through which he tried to explain the most essential and most important human needs. On the bottom of this pyramid, he kept hunger, thirst and sexual desires followed by safety and security then he included self-esteem, reaching to the top with self-actualization. The last stage is the most important and the most difficult stage to achieve, this is what Maslow propounded.

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Now, you all noticed that he kept food at the bottom and considers as an essential aspect of your life, both physically and mentally. So why is food such an essential part of our lives? This question does not need an answer, we all know the importance of food and isn’t that why we work all day long just to have some food at the end of the night. Eating food is not the question but eating the right type of food and taking the right type of witaminy suplementy  is the real question. Are you eating healthy food or taking the right supplements?

Eating a hotdog from the roadside kiosk is not healthy food; you can characterize healthy food with something which has all or some of the necessary nutrient and minerals that are required by the body. Today we are going to know about the type of food which has the maximum amount of minerals:

  1. Delicious Nuts: there are 8 essential minerals that are required by the body and nuts have 7 of these minerals. Nuts help in regulating a lot of systems of the body, and they are also considered as beneficial to maintain your heart.
  2. Colorful Lentils: you may not like them much, but lentils are carriers of 6 essential nutrients. They contain minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and copper. Out of all the lentils cultivated the chickpeas, kidney beans, and the soybeans are the healthiest and purest form of nutrition.
  3. Green Veggies: green leafy vegetables are always known for their profound impact on our health. Doctors today suggest to eat raw veggies as boiling them removes the useful minerals and nutrients. The green leafy vegetables contain 6 essential minerals, and they are also found in most of the witaminy suplementy in certain proportions.
  4. Palpable Fish: along with 5 essential minerals fish contains heavy amounts of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for the heart and other vascular systems of your body.
  5. Miniature seeds: the seeds may look small, but these small nature’s wonders have 5 essential minerals. You can choose from flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and squash seeds.

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